3 Reasons why you need to test your website right now, and how

Attention all business owners and marketers.

If you think your website is good, even great, you may want to get a second, unbiased opinion.

Today, thanks to the tip from my friend, Josh Shipp, I submitted the ROOTS Academy website for an unbiased review from the website Peek.UserTesting.com. Once submitted, they’ll email you with a 5 minute review (mine was 6+) of your site by a real live person. Did I mention that it’s free?

Here’s what I was sent within an hour:

If you didn’t watch the video, in summary, the user is confused by what he saw.

To me, what we do is clearly spelled out. And this is the point.

Sometimes we’re too close to our own stuff to see it for what it really is. As business owners and marketers, we have to remember that:

  1. Everything can and should be tested and improved—regularly (Peek offers 3 reviews a week)
  2. People don’t see things the same way you do
  3. Unless you seek input from outside, unbiased opinions, you’ll always be your own biggest fan

Ignoring any one of these three points will result in suboptimal outcomes.

People don’t buy (quickly) when they are confused.

Action Point » Go to Peek.UserTesting.com and submit your website for a review. Then come back and share your feedback and takeaways in the comments below.





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  • Jeff Hamilton

    I was a little intimidated to have our church’s site reviewed since the reviewer of the Roots site was brutally honest (yet insightful). I wasn’t sure I was ready for that kind of critique. But I did it anyway. And the insights were valuable. The reviewer kept looking for where we’re located (even though there’s a big window titled “service times and directions”). Other than that, they found it pretty easy to navigate. they also commented how much they thought having a place for people to submit prayer requests was a good idea. From the reviewer’s interaction with the site, I need to make clearer and concise explanations for everything, include pictures and bios of the staff, and make better use of our resources page. Already I’ve adjusted the home page with 3 new links to where we’re located. This was so helpful! Great link Kyle!

    • http://www.kylechowning.com/ Kyle Chowning

      I’m late to the reply, but I’m glad you found this site. It’s a great tool!

  • http://www.SevenMinuteScientist.com Amy Hollingsworth

    Just submitted my site, I’ll let you know how long it takes and how it goes when I see my feedback. I’m a tad scared, but criticism is good!

    • http://www.kylechowning.com/ Kyle Chowning

      what was your feedback?

      • http://www.SevenMinuteScientist.com Amy Hollingsworth

        It wasn’t very helpful. She didn’t understand what it was, but she kept saying, “This is good. I’d recommend this.” To whom? Why? I’ve started using another service that gives a little more specific feedback.

  • Troy Vest

    Wow. Loved this. submitted our site and got some very solid feedback…most of which we know are issues/concerns. Maybe I should hire Sr. Kyle Chowning to help us build a better site!