Meetings aren’t just for discussing problems

Hey friends. I have a suggestion for your next coffee, meal, mother's day out, or team meeting at work: Start the meeting off with everyone sharing a "win" they've had in the past week. Parents - what was a win that you had this week that your spouse may not know about? Date night - Husband, wife, what was a win that he/she may not have known or noticed this week? Bosses - Have the team go around and share what their win is for the past week. Don't forget to share yours too. Moms - … [Read more...]

On leaving your job…

<rant> Apparently, it's not well known what the proper etiquette is for leaving a job. So, here's some advice on how not to leave your job: 1. Don't quit via text message...or by email. It's proper to meet with your manager/owner face-to-face. They have a lot of time and energy into you and your position and they will appreciate the respect of having the conversation in person. 2. Don't quit and give little to no notice. This is important. Giving proper notice (at least 2 weeks) … [Read more...]

Are you Talking or Communicating?


"I love your shirt!" she complimented. "Oh thank you. I got it at Target for $9." she replied. Have you ever wondered why girls feel the need to share the details of their "find"? I do too, so I asked. Recently I was at work, and the office at ROOTS Academy had 5 or 6 girls engaged in this same conversation. I interrupted their brag session to see if I could find what was really being communicated when a girl responds with the where and how much she paid for her find. Here's what I … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Ensure a Smooth Employment Transition


Editors Note: I started to write this post, then remembered that I wrote the same post a couple of years ago. Rather than start over, I updated this post and republished it for today. Enjoy  According to the Bureau of Labor, the media number of years that an employee stays at one job is 4.4 years. If you're ages 25-34, that number drops to 3.1 years. Compared to the industrial revolution when employment tenure was significantly longer, today, it's not a matter of if, but when you will leave … [Read more...]

Celebrating Others Successes


This morning I read a blog post, written by my good friend Annie Downs, about what many are calling a repulsive performance by Miley Cyrus at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards. In the post, Annie rises as a cultural prophetic voice and leads the charge on how we, as humans, should respond. The post is convicting, and shoots straight to the heart of anyone who would point a finger. But this isn't about Miley or the VMA's After a quick social media scan, I saw that the post was beginning to … [Read more...]

Context is Everything


Saturday night, I sat in a room full of men who were ready to draft their perfect Fantasy Football team. I, being a rookie to the fantasy league, felt completely in the dark. Let's get one thing straight, I'm not a sports guy.  In high school, I was the kid that worked two jobs. While I enjoyed attending sporting events, it wasn't about the love of the game, but the love of people. I'm a social sports fan, at best. Prior to this particular night, I was unaware of what roles made up a … [Read more...]

Three Reasons You Shouldn’t Give up on Your Goals


If you've been following this blog for the past week, you know that I'm at the beginning of a personal challenge to post every day for 31 days (backstory is here). Can I be honest? I'm regretting the challenge. If you've ever gone from doing nothing in an area of your life to doing it every single day, most people would tell you it's unrealistic. Now, I get that. And while I've already covered off on why it's important to keep doing even when you don't want to, it still hasn't changed … [Read more...]