Rarely is our perspective reality

The Dove Beauty Campaign created an experiment. A forensic artist was asked to sketch individual women based off their own description of their faces. The artist never saw them, he only drew what they described. Then, Dove brought strangers in to describe each participant to create a second picture. Each personal sketch proved to be distorted and unrealistic. When strangers described what they saw, it proved to be more like the real face of each of the participants. The participants … [Read more...]

You can’t do it all

If there's one thing I've learned in the past 30 days: You can't do it all. But... You can do it. Whether it's delegation, better planning, careful analysis, further education, seeking out more understanding from others, or simply saying no, you can do it. You just can't do it, alone. … [Read more...]

Bloggers are taking over

How Blogs Influence Purchases and Recommendations - eMarketer

There's no doubt that bloggers are becoming a force to be reckoned with. What I didn't realize, until today, is how many of them write about brands, products and services on their blogs. According to eMarketer.com, on average, 38% of all types of bloggers (hobbyists, professional part-time, professional full-time, corporate, entrepreneur) blog about brands that they love or hate. Even more influential is that 68% of bloggers are influenced by what they read on other blogs. Did you hear … [Read more...]

How to Write a Strong Marketing Proposal


Writing a strong marketing proposal is key to winning new business. It is the point of reference that both you and your client will reference when there is a need to establish expectations, objectives and successes. Over the years, I have written a lot of marketing proposals. Some were really bad and some were great. In the past year or so, I've begun to hone in on what I believe to be a strong marketing proposal template. Since this is one of the keys to success, I thought I would share with … [Read more...]

Eight Things I Learned at Social Fresh Charlotte


Today, I joined a couple hundred of my new closest socmed Charlotte friends for an all day conference called Social Fresh. Established and ran by former Charlottean, Jason Keath, this six-session event was packed full of topics that ranged from community development to corporate social policy. I really enjoyed the conference, mainly because it was small and intimate. I met a lot of new people like @jakrose, @yarby, @benjamingetz, @CaseyLBrewton, @MCDolphens, @GenevieveJooste, @Mysticle, … [Read more...]

How Nashville businesses can help flood victims using Foursquare


If you are a business in Nashville looking for ways to contribute to the relief from to the #nashvillefloods this past weekend, the new geolocation social networking app, Foursquare, may be an easy way to facilitate your contributions. What is Foursquare? Foursquare is a relatively new social networking tool that gives people the ability to "check-in" at all kinds of places: cafes, bars, restaurants, parks, homes, offices—you name it. Think of it as an easy way of telling other users where you … [Read more...]

10 Best Practices for Social Media Success

In my new job, I do a lot of research specifically on the 18-34 "Millennial" demographic. If you're targeting the same demographic, you are well aware the social media is playing a strong roll in your strategies. The good news is, social media isn't waning one bit. In fact, it's on the rise. The question isn't should you market in the social space, but how? eMarketer.com recently release an article that offered their 10 best practices for social media success. These are so good that I wanted to … [Read more...]

Three ways to avoid living life in a vacuum

Last week I had the privilege of sitting in four days worth of focus groups to have random people within a pre-defined set of variables, watch and dialogue about some of the Halogen content that we've created. Let’s just say, it was very interesting. As you can guess, you can’t please everyone and our content proved to be no exception to the rule. Here are a couple of the memorable quotes from the week: Each participant was asked to rate each show on a scale from 1-10. One of the … [Read more...]

My response to Seth Godin’s blog “Hammer Time”

Recently, Seth Godin wrote the following post: So, if it's true that to a person with a hammer, every problem looks like a nail, the really useful question is, "what sort of hammer do you have?" At big TV networks, they have a TV hammer. At a surgeon's office, they have the scalpel hammer. A drug counselor has the talk hammer, while a judge probably has the jail hammer. Maybe it's time for a new hammer... One study found that when confronted with a patient with back pain, surgeons … [Read more...]