Four Steps to Evaluating your Goals


"I want to be a C-level employee by the age of 40." I said. My boss looked at me and said: "Okay! Let's see what we can do to get you there." At this point in my career, I was striving to grow in my job and responsibilities, but I didn't really have a goal. While I was currently serving as the Vice President of Marketing, the organization I was working at was structured in a way that this position was still on the low end of the executive ladder. Ahead of me, I had Senior Vice President, … [Read more...]

When to Do Your Best Work

Let's get straight to the the point... If you want to deliver your best work, don't wait until the end of a long day to dig deep.  Your best work will always be when your mind is fresh, you're well rested and you're focused. … [Read more...]

Three keys to giving great feedback


Recently, I had to step into a role that I vaguely understood. In my twenties and early thirties, I used to get all worked up about these kinds of situations. Now, I've come to trust the skills, gifts and work ethic to guide the way. And Google, of course. My role was to serve as the meeting facilitator and minutes recorder for a board that I serve on. While I've done this for other board meetings, I was sitting amongst some established businessmen whom had more board experience than I had in … [Read more...]

On doing, when you really don’t want to


I wasn't a runner. In fact, I had only started my fitness routine about three months prior, thanks to an incentive program at work. It was June of 2011 and I was sitting at a New York Yankees baseball game with my  friend Larry. While taking in the sights and sounds of Yankee stadium, the topic turned towards running; something Larry was passionate about. We talked enthusiastically about pace, cadence, distance and other running aspects. Then, he turns to me and says, "Why don't you run a … [Read more...]

On men and emotions


Last night, my lovely wife and I stayed up and had a long conversation about guys and emotions. I talked from my perspective. She talked from her perspective. We both would say that it was very enlightening. I also learned something in the process: I love to talk about emotions. I know. I'm weird. At least that's what culture would like you to think. I grew up in an emotionally healthy home. My parents provided a safe place to talk about what I was feeling. They helped me identify those … [Read more...]

How to face your fears and change your life


We all have insecurities we want to overcome. During my school years, I had teachers who criticized my inability to excel in certain areas of my education. Statements were told to me like... "Awkward!" — This word was used, particularly in my creative writing classes—countless times. "Not creative enough." — Again, used regularly in my teachers writing critiques. "You must have a learning disability." - This was a real dagger thrown by my college economic teacher when I couldn't find my … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday lil’ Sister #charyssehesse


My sister, she amazes me. Growing up, she was my friend and my foe...what sister isn't? Together, we learned to love well; compete for and against; fight hard without bruising; we learned that knives are dangerous; that friends are important, but the number of them isn't; that she can kill it in volleyball, and I love to watch her do it; who knew that buttered popcorn jelly belly's were actually yummy?!?; that a bowl of cereal should be eaten in the same bowl that you make a large batch of … [Read more...]

When you suck at being a parent

As a dad with type A tendencies, I tend to live a pretty planned life. Oftentimes my workload keeps me focused on work things when I should be focused on other, more important things. Tonight, a storm got in the way of my plans. Thunder and lightening kept me playing my role as a parent rather than a business owner, consultant, non-profit leader...whatever you want to call me. It wasn't until I lost my cool with my youngest that I realized that I'm forgetting the beauty of the moment … [Read more...]

We’re moving back to Nashville!


Exactly three weeks ago today, we received a call that would change our course of life as we knew it. If we were going to jump at the chance to buy the business that we had been talking about for the past couple of months, we needed to move quickly. There was another offer on the table and we had only two weeks to get in the running. A mans heart plans his way, But the Lord directs his steps. Proverbs 16:9 We made a plan and began stepping...quickly. One week later, we had all of the … [Read more...]