Happy Birthday lil’ Sister #charyssehesse


My sister, she amazes me. Growing up, she was my friend and my foe...what sister isn't? Together, we learned to love well; compete for and against; fight hard without bruising; we learned that knives are dangerous; that friends are important, but the number of them isn't; that she can kill it in volleyball, and I love to watch her do it; who knew that buttered popcorn jelly belly's were actually yummy?!?; that a bowl of cereal should be eaten in the same bowl that you make a large batch of … [Read more...]

When you suck at being a parent

As a dad with type A tendencies, I tend to live a pretty planned life. Oftentimes my workload keeps me focused on work things when I should be focused on other, more important things. Tonight, a storm got in the way of my plans. Thunder and lightening kept me playing my role as a parent rather than a business owner, consultant, non-profit leader...whatever you want to call me. It wasn't until I lost my cool with my youngest that I realized that I'm forgetting the beauty of the moment … [Read more...]

We’re moving back to Nashville!


Exactly three weeks ago today, we received a call that would change our course of life as we knew it. If we were going to jump at the chance to buy the business that we had been talking about for the past couple of months, we needed to move quickly. There was another offer on the table and we had only two weeks to get in the running. A mans heart plans his way, But the Lord directs his steps. Proverbs 16:9 We made a plan and began stepping...quickly. One week later, we had all of the … [Read more...]

In limbo…

Towing the Mustang

And no, this isn't about the movie Inception—although it could be if this next post is really about a dream. It's official. I'm a Charlottean. This past Saturday, I arrived in the Queen City after a beautiful drive over the Smokey Mountains from Nashville. As you can see, I had my first car in tow. It's a 1968 Mustang Fastback that I'm proud to say has been a family car since it came off the lot. My grandfather bought it (I have the original sales invoice for it still), my parents dated in … [Read more...]

The Chowning’s are moving…


...to Charlotte, NC. Over the past 18 months, I have been working closely with a very talented group of people to dream, craft, strategize and launch Halogen TV. It's been a lot of fun, a huge learning curve and a tremendous challenge. During this time, repeated conversations came up about my involvement and I was asked to consider taking the open slot as the Vice President of Marketing. As of January 1, I have stepped into that position. There's a lot that needs to happen before we … [Read more...]

Everybody wants to laugh


Laughing is good medicine. Leave it up to a 1-year old to show us how it's done. Listen to this and see if you don't find yourself laughing too. It's contagious. Savannah Laughing If that doesn't work, try hanging your head and smiling; it works every time. Have a great Saturday! … [Read more...]

The other side of Prostate Cancer


Around 8pm tonight, I finally got to talk to my dad. He's tired, groggy and in a lot of pain. Surgery will do that to you I guess. The doctor wasn't sure that he was able to resect all of the cancer. We'll know for sure early next week when the tissue comes back from pathology. Mom sounded better as we went through the day. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. The family and I covet them! … [Read more...]

Dad’s Surgery is at 8am

My dad heads into surgery tomorrow morning (Wednesday) at 8am to have his prostate and other potentially cancerous parts removed. Please be praying: 1. cancer will be removed entirely! 2. Doctor doesn't find anything new and unexpected 3. Peace for my mom and she braves this one alone. Both my sister and I weren't able to make the surgery day. Thanks! … [Read more...]

Sometimes it seems like it will never end


Monday, Kristy and I got word that our best friends four year old daughter is having seizures, regularly. Why are they happening? What's causing them? Why a FOUR YEAR OLD? <— All questions nobody can answer, today. Wednesday: Based on my sisters recent MRI and PET scans, her brain tumor has allegedly grown. How much? What's next? Where do we go from here? <— All questions nobody can answer, today. Thursday, I got word that my dad is scheduled to have surgery to remove his prostate on … [Read more...]