3 Ways to Work Smarter, not Harder


18 days ago, I committed to blogging in this space for 31 days. On one hand, I'm proud of the fact that I've published every single day since, on the other hand, I'm starting to see how this commitment is impacting me personally. The rhythm that I've fallen into is to write my posts between 10p and 2am every night. As I wrote earlier, this isn't smart, but a commitment is a commitment, and you just need to hit publish, right?! Maybe not. Last night I went to bed early so I could get some … [Read more...]

Silencing the Resistance


A little over two weeks ago, I wrote: Truth is if you’re regularly drawn to a goal, dream, or idea and yet every time you pursue it, you’re hit with massive amounts of resistance, it’s time to dig in and resist the resistance. And here I sit with writers block and massive resistance. It's 1:07am on day 16 of my 31 day blog challenge...and I have writers block. I should be in bed...but I have writers block. Jeff Goins happened to post about writers block today. He said the way to … [Read more...]

Three reasons to never actually do anything

Running Feet by andrewmalone

A couple of months ago, the HR department at the company I work for launched a walking program to motivate and inspire people to become more active. The program came chockfull of incentives for those who were interested in participating. You could accumulate additional vacation time, win individual and departmental awards, discount on your insurance premium and more. They promised that they would make it interesting and challenging by offering "big" incentives for people who walked a certain … [Read more...]

Persistence. Like Angry Birds.


Everything changes when you're keeping score. Take Angry Birds for instance. Some people look at the above and celebrate their victory. Others, it turns out, only see opportunity to better their score. What I find fascinating is the time, effort and persistence that people put into this game. It's not that it returns anything tangible to your life. In fact, it's not that it's even a point of pride. Right? Unless, of course, you introduce yourself like this... "Hi. My name is Kyle … [Read more...]

It’s okay. I know it’s not perfect.

Monday's are great aren't they. It's the beginning of a new week where we get a fresh start to embrace the new and betters that we set out for ourselves. Maybe it's the goal to blog every day...to workout...eat better...watch less TV...the list could go on, and on. But let's be real, rarely do we stick to the guns, right? I mean come on, this topic is so close to our own stories that I'm willing to bet that this post doesn't get but one or two comments. Oh, and I'm going to start commenting more … [Read more...]

Three Quick Steps to Eliminating To-do List Anxiety


Nothing can drain your enthusiasm faster than to start your workday overwhelmed by the mountain of to-do's that you have mentally logged. Because the majority of today's work is done in our minds, we often have a hard time knowing when things are done and what the next step is to completing the project. Sound familiar? If you're currently procrastinating and are looking for a way out of your to-do list anxiety, here are three quick steps to becoming more productive, today. Step #1: Do a mind … [Read more...]

Three Quick Steps to a Zero Inbox


Tired of wondering if you're missing something in your email inbox? Believe it or not, that feeling weighs on your subconscious more than you know. Rather than live with anxiety, let's process those emails and get you to a zero inbox. Yes, that's right, a zero inbox. Not one email will remain. Is it possible? Yes! In fact, it's possible to keep a zero inbox which means guilt, worry and stress-free email maintenance. Ready? Here are three quick steps to implementing a zero inbox: 1) Create … [Read more...]

How to do it all

My earlier post, Survey: How do you do it all? has stirred quite a bit of conversation around the topic of getting it all done while living in excellence. It was my hope that people would offer their advice about what works for them. Initially, I catered it to the 40+ crowd, but then I realized that success is subjective and it shouldn't be about any one demographic. With 29 comments to-date—a record for my blog—it's obviously a conversation that is of interest to you too, and one that I hope … [Read more...]

Survey: How do you do it all?

Riddle me this... I'm a husband, new dad, small business owner, a christian who earnestly desires to live a fully devoted life, and thanks to my new Wii and Wii Fit I got for Father's day, apparently I have about 25lbs to lose to get back in the "normal" BMI range. Nice. Bills. Small business time. Quiet time. Quality time. Kid time. Wife time. Romance time. Household chore time. Hobby time. Blog time. Workout time. Friend time. New idea time. Client prospect time. Client maintenance time. … [Read more...]