Chipotle is coming to Nashville

If you’re a Twitterwonderer, wonder no more.

Friday, I thought…


Before I know it, another fellow Chipotle lover (@nashvillest) replies to my Tweet…

Petition? How about they join my Facebook group for this very cause?


In three days, the group has doubled in size…


Soon after all the Twitter-chatter, a lone voice enters the Facebook conversation. It’s him. THE guy who makes the Chipotle location decisions. He informs the group that CHIPOTLE IS COMING TO NASHVILLE and there are plans for more than one location.


But wait, there’s more.

Being the marketing guy that I am, I spot an opportunity. A national chain is coming to a local market. Perhaps, they need some local marketing help? His reply?

“Great, Kyle. Take care and I’m sure we’ll be talking soon!”

This may or may not amount to anything but the point is this, the power of social media has yet to be tapped. If you continue to think that Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and others are just for fun, you’ve seriously underestimated the potential it holds for you.

I was taught, “Those who take the most risk, get the most reward.” What risks are you willing to take in social media? Go. Find more friends. Follow more people. Make social media what you want it to be.

I dare you.

PS. Before I forget, won’t you follow me on Twitter? Join my Chipotle Facebook group? Join me on LinkedIn (kyle[at]

UPDATE: The Chipotle Facebook Group is gaining media traction:

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  • Jessica Lewis

    WOW. w00ow. All I can say is WOW! This is the best news I have heard. ever. My husband and I have been DYING for Chipotle. Qdoba just doesn’t cut it. The closest Chipotle we go to is in Florence, KY & Cinci, OH.

    There goes all of our spending money.

    Kyle- thank you for breaking this wonderful news. I hope the marketing thing works out for you! Let me know if you need any help!

    • Kyle

      @Jessica…I totally share your enthusiasm! We should burrito up on opening night!

  • Freedom

    What a cool story!

    And I have tapped in, baby… I have tapped in!!!

  • Stephanie

    The ingenuity of entrepreneurs is amazing. Keep up the clever work!