Good things come to those who wait

kristyandiDear single guy/girl,

I know. Looking and waiting for the right spouse is hard. The temptation to go out with a lot of guys/girls in hopes of finding the right one is high. Nobody likes to be lonely.

Whatever path you decide to take, let me encourage you in this one thing: he/she is out there, you just have to wait for him/her.

My wife and I dated for six weeks, were engaged for just over five and went from introductions to marriage in 10 months all because we waited for the right one to come along. When he/she comes, you’ll know it. Trust me, you’ll just know.

Not everybody will walk our path—it is an accelerated one—but it is my hope that you share in the joy of waiting.

I’ve been given a gift in Kristy Kitchell Chowning. You too, will be given the gift when you wait and find the right spouse—not a perfect spouse because that person doesn’t exist. 

Wait for him/her. I promise, it’ll be better than you could ever imagine.


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