Remembering September 11, 2001

fb-sept11Twelve years ago today, I was on a missions trip in Kenya, Africa.

We had just arrived at our Nairobi guest house when we were greeted by locals with the news. We couldn’t believe it. America had been attacked.

I will never forget that day.

I will never forget the images.

I will never forget the sacrifices that our men and women made to search, serve and protect.

What I experienced in the forthcoming days by the Kenyan locals was nothing short of an outcry of disbelief and empathy.

Prayers were prayed.

National prayer vigils were held.

Sympathies were offered.

People, in another country, carried the burdens of millions of strangers that day.

While the terrorists may have thought that they had destroyed us, they actually made us stronger, and I don’t mean just the American people.

A world stood united as we grieved the losses and mourned the tragedies.

If you have fought on our behalf to preserve our freedom, thank you!

We are eternally grateful for your hard work and sacrifices.

Thank you for our freedom.

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