It’s okay. I know it’s not perfect.

Monday's are great aren't they. It's the beginning of a new week where we get a fresh start to embrace the new and betters that we set out for ourselves. Maybe it's the goal to blog every less TV...the list could go on, and on. But let's be real, rarely do we stick to the guns, right? I mean come on, this topic is so close to our own stories that I'm willing to bet that this post doesn't get but one or two comments. Oh, and I'm going to start commenting more … [Read more...]

How to do it all

My earlier post, Survey: How do you do it all? has stirred quite a bit of conversation around the topic of getting it all done while living in excellence. It was my hope that people would offer their advice about what works for them. Initially, I catered it to the 40+ crowd, but then I realized that success is subjective and it shouldn't be about any one demographic. With 29 comments to-date—a record for my blog—it's obviously a conversation that is of interest to you too, and one that I hope … [Read more...]