Are You Selling the Next Generation Short?

Bill Maudlin, Life magazine, Jan. 1950

If you're skeptical of the younger generation, their gadgets, technologies and liberties that you can't imagine taking now, remember, you were once accused of the same thing. The below article gives context for why we ALWAYS sell the next generation short. I've included one of my favorite quotes from the article that I would call a MUST-READ for perspective. Simply put, many parents and cultural critics have passed through their “adventure window.” The willingness of humans to try new things … [Read more...]

10 Best Practices for Social Media Success

In my new job, I do a lot of research specifically on the 18-34 "Millennial" demographic. If you're targeting the same demographic, you are well aware the social media is playing a strong roll in your strategies. The good news is, social media isn't waning one bit. In fact, it's on the rise. The question isn't should you market in the social space, but how? recently release an article that offered their 10 best practices for social media success. These are so good that I wanted to … [Read more...]