The other side of Prostate Cancer


Around 8pm tonight, I finally got to talk to my dad. He's tired, groggy and in a lot of pain. Surgery will do that to you I guess. The doctor wasn't sure that he was able to resect all of the cancer. We'll know for sure early next week when the tissue comes back from pathology. Mom sounded better as we went through the day. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. The family and I covet them! … [Read more...]

Dad’s Surgery is at 8am

My dad heads into surgery tomorrow morning (Wednesday) at 8am to have his prostate and other potentially cancerous parts removed. Please be praying: 1. cancer will be removed entirely! 2. Doctor doesn't find anything new and unexpected 3. Peace for my mom and she braves this one alone. Both my sister and I weren't able to make the surgery day. Thanks! … [Read more...]