Your thoughts on meetings?

I'm not a fan of meetings, but they're necessary. However, sometimes I wonder if we rely on them too much.¬†Below is a challenging post from Seth Godin about meetings. By the way, if you're not a regular reader of Seth, do yourself a favor and subscribe to his blog here and now. I often refer to it as the devotional for marketers. Really, he offers practical, but challenging thoughts, on how we've fallen in the traps of doing "normal" things day-to-day. Read it and consider answering this … [Read more...]

Quit Being Stingy & Give Your Ideas Away


The nine students who are a part of Seth Godin's Alternative MBA Program, were tasked with coming up with 111 business ideas each. Fortunately for us, they posted them for all to pluck from. I love to think of new things: business ideas, process improvements, enhancement to products and services, pretty much anything is up for ideation. This list puts things into perspective for me. Ideas really are cheap. In fact, they're being given away. So, the true power of an idea must be in it's … [Read more...]

Are you a proactive or reactive social networker?

I've had plenty of conversations with people over the years about social networking (blogging, Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, LinkedIn etc). Based on those conversations, I find that there are many types of social network users, but for now, we're going to concentrate on two: reactive and proactive. Reactive social networkers experience life and then post about it. It becomes your next blog post, your next Twitter, a picture posted on Flickr or your next status update on Facebook. Simply stated, … [Read more...]

Unintentional Mentors


Over the past few months I have become more deliberate in how I utilize social networking because I began to realize that there was something more to it than gaining "friends" and "followers." If you look at it from a different perspective, you'll start to notice that these networks can become one of the best tools the web has to offer. In fact, for me, social networking has become an invaluable set of tools; each serving a very specific purpose. For example: My Blog [ subscribe ] - I … [Read more...]