Amazon is missing the boat on the Kindle


When the Kindle was unveiled in the Fall of 2007, I, being a gadget guy, was immediately interested. What would it look like? Feel like? How heavy would it be? What would the screen look like? Would the Amazon claim be true that the screen looks like you are reading a printed book? I like many others, have wondered and been interested in touching, feeling and holding a Kindle. Unfortunately, I have yet to have that experience. In my opinion, this is a major problem for Amazon. If … [Read more...]

Perception is NOT reality


There have been plenty of times in my life where I was certain that my perception—the way I saw things—really was the reality of the situation. We've all been there. You think that your job is too difficult because your boss makes your life hard; a relationship is at a brinking point because you think that too many things have changed, and not for the better; your financially so unstable that anything could send you into bankruptcy; or that God must be so frustrated with my life that even He is … [Read more...]