The Chowning’s are moving…

…to Charlotte, NC.

Over the past 18 months, I have been working closely with a very talented group of people to dream, craft, strategize and launch Halogen TV. It’s been a lot of fun, a huge learning curve and a tremendous challenge. During this time, repeated conversations came up about my involvement and I was asked to consider taking the open slot as the Vice President of Marketing.

As of January 1, I have stepped into that position.

There’s a lot that needs to happen before we actually move. In the next week or two we’ll put our house on the market (want to buy it?), I am beginning to transition out of being a full-time consultant, and we’ll start looking for a new home in Charlotte.

Don’t worry, there are Chipotle’s in Charlotte too. (haha)

In all seriousness…did I mention that they have an IKEA?

Okay, really serious now. Leaving Nashville is going to suck on so many fronts, but we are going confident that there is a story that God has for us there that is waiting to be written, and we can’t wait to see what it’s all about.

So, thank you to our friends for strapping into the roller coaster of “do we move to Charlotte, or not?” for the past year. We can’t thank you enough for the counsel, advice, insight and wisdom you’ve shown. You’re welcome to come with us! Thank you to our parents for being so supportive. Jacob & Tara, wanna move with us? Come on, it’ll be fun. To the Halogen crew, this is going to be a fun ride—I can’t wait.

To the friends we’ve yet to meet, the church we’ve yet to find, the paths we’ve yet to cross and the worlds that have yet to collide…we’re coming and we can’t wait to meet you.

To my wife, who had no idea what she was signing up for when she married me, you give me the strength to live this story with enthusiasm, anticipation, boldness and the dare to believe that we really can change the world. I can’t wait to live out this new story with you. And to Savannah and Caleb, I love it that you’ll be with us no matter where we go…well, until you decide that mom and dad are fuddy duds and want to write your own story. Until then…

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  • JasonWert

    Good luck in your new calling.

  • Jennifer

    Kyle, congrats on this new phase in your life. You will be a great asset to the Halogen team as you have in your consulting work for so many of us. Can't wait to see what God does next!

  • AnnieBlogs

    Mixed emotions:

    Emotion #1 : BOOYAH. I'm simply honored to be watching you as you live this story and I wouldn't trade the Chowning time I got for anything in the world. And just cause you leave Nashville doesn't mean that I'm letting the Chownings out of my life. Y'all are amazing.

    Emotion #2: Whah whah. Hate it.

    Let me have both emotions, okay? Thanks.

  • Dee Wilcox

    Congratulations! That's amazing and so exciting for you guys.

  • Shari Burkhart

    You're a beautiful writer, Kyle! Many blessings to you and yours! It's not really where you go, but who you are in Christ that matters. Sounds like a blast of a new adventure!

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  • Lori Miller

    Hey cousin,

    I'm excited for you & Kristy in this next chapter & look forward to your reports via fb. I know how it is to move into a brand new chapter & see God work things out in a most unusual & surprising way. May God go before you & make His way clear to you. Are you guys actually going to be a bit closer to us in Charlotte than you were in Nasheville? I'll have to check it out! The kids & I love road trips….it would be fun to drive up & see you & your beautiful family sometime. Change has been in the air for us too, this past year, and I'm finally at the place where I'm willing to embrace it & now I'm actually anticipating this new chapter! God does indeed have a story He's writing through each of our lives wherever we all are. I'm glad to be a part of His story. Like Tiny Tim said, "God bless us all, every one." Take care!

    Love your cousin, Lori XOXO

  • Jason

    Very exciting! I've lived in Charlotte for the last 5 years. God's doing some cool things in this city and State. Thankful He's bringing you here.

  • Michael Shivers

    Congrats Kyle on the new position! Very exciting times. Wish you the best in finding a good church and community.

  • DRanzino

    Wow! Congrats on the job and good luck on the move.

  • Brody Bond

    Wow – big change! Looking forward to see where this goes. All the best!

  • Joshua Smith

    Crazy! God definitely has something in store for you. It will be a joy to watch over your shoulder.

  • Jim Cowart

    I can only reiterate what I said on the phone – we're both excited for you and you'll be missed! While I hope things go smoothly with selling the house….am I a bad friend to say I won't complain if it's not very soon?!