The Social Networking Golden Rule

“Do unto others, as you would have them do to you.”

It’s not new, but the golden rule still applies in social media. For example…

Want to build traffic on your blog?

If you search, find, read and comment on other peoples blogs, there’s a good chance that your consistent efforts will be rewarded with increased traffic and commenting. Unless you are visible to the public eye, the owner/founder of some cool company or a person people generally see as influential, the only way to increase traffic on your blog by introducing yourself to new people.

Want more Twitter followers?

This is a two-fold strategy…one that I am still working through. First, as I’ve written about before, you have to provide good content. Simply experiencing life and tweeting about it won’t cut it. Secondly, use tools like the Twitter search, Mr. Tweet, Twitter Elite and others to find people of interest to you. From my experience, if the person you just followed finds that you have similar interests, they’ll likely follow you back.

We all know that it’s impossible to make new friends, grow your company, increase sales or even find a job without putting yourself out there. Social networking is no different.

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  • Sebastyne

    That “do onto others as..” is a great social networking golden rule indeed! For me, I’m always quite shy to add people to my friends list. (Twitter is a low pressure one though.) The reason is that I’m often irritated by some people who add me, because they never say anything to me or give me a reason why they added me. I never understand why they don’t, and why my presence on their friends list is important to them.. I’m awfully glad though when someone adds me and tells me why – like they actually read my profile before adding me. So when I add people, I always tell them why I did, but my threshold to do this is still quite high. I would like to be better at social networking, but it’s hard for an introvert. :p

    • chownage

      I'm with ya. It's nice when people go out of their way to make the personal connection.

  • Jim Cowart

    Definitely agree on the blog part. I’m partially split with you on the Twitter part. There’s really a “commercial networking” and “social networking” thing going on with services like Twitter. I have several friends that I follow who just Tweet about life and I love that, since it’s keeping me in touch with them since they are miles away. I understand, though, that to build a huge following, then yes, you’ll need to do more than Tweet about breakfast (unless, of course, you have a big family! :-)). At the end of the day, you and I may represent slightly different Twitter demographics – I’m not entirely “social only” (targeted updates for news and world events interest me), but until I start a campaign (or run one), my use of it is less concerned with building a following….(though some aspects of what I blog about are moving me in that direction!)

    But I also heartily agree with you – it’s definitely cool to find people of common interests. I’ve struck up “Twitterships” with a couple of people who’s blogs I LOVE and was very flattered that they chose to follow me.