Ask Anything: An Invitation to Join the Conversation

I love change. I always have. I’m one of those people who love looking at the way something is being done and question, “Should we change it?”

The challenge of any writer is to write content that appeals to you, the readers. But I’m a marketer too and marketers don’t just do, we test, and test, and test again.

Over my 17 years of business and marketing experience, I’ve learned to assume that nothing is sacred; everything can and should be reconsidered. I know this kind of thinking drives a lot of people crazy, but I think it’s fun. It gives you freedom to innovate and explore new thoughts and ideas.

When it comes to blogging, most bloggers have their platforms and most blogs are built the same way. I’ve been around long enough to know that “format” is something that should rarely be messed with, but I’m starting to wonder if the typical blog format is a tried and true success strategy, or something that exists because it’s how the medium has evolved?

Blogs are like Church

The pastor (writer) speaks from the platform (blog) while the audience (readers) listens (reads) and leaves (bounces) when they’re done. Most congregants (readers) don’t talk (comment) to the pastor (blogger), but they do talk (share) about it with their friends and family (social media). If you happen to go to a large church (blog), then you’re most likely to hear from a different array of high-profile speakers (A-list bloggers); otherwise known as guest speakers (guest bloggers).

I’m not here to say that any of this is wrong or that it should be reconsidered. What I am here to say is this, real “church” doesn’t happen on Sunday. It happens when a small group of people get together and talk about and process real life together.

I want this blog to be more like a small group, than a Church

Would you like to become more than just a reader? Would you be interested in connecting with like-minded people who are thinking about the same things? Who wouldn’t?

Here’s what I would like to propose

If you don’t know much about my background, I have over 15 years of experience in startups, small business, nonprofits, consulting, organizational development, sales, digital, cause (my favorite) & traditional marketing, publishing, circulation, television and healthcare. More importantly, I’ve spent my entire career building a network of relationships with people in each of those spaces.

Are you bragging?

No. I’m offering my knowledge and relationships to you. I love to help people, and I’d like to turn this blog into a space that helps real people with real issues solve real problems. Moreover, this isn’t just about me helping you. It’s about this space being a place where you can benefit from the 75 other readers—all with their own areas of expertise and insight. I know I could use their input and advice from time to time.

Your Turn: Ask Anything

Each blog post typically takes me around two hours to complete. If you think of it another way, that’s two hours I could put into thinking and writing about your questions.

So, if you have a question, challenge or problem that you would like some feedback on, here’s how you can submit your question for consideration in a future blog post:

  1. Leave a comment in the comment section below
  2. Ask me on Twitter; my twitter handle is @kylechowning
  3. Send me an email: kyle at kylechowning dot com

Remember this is a Test

As I stated earlier, this is a test. I may get to the end of the day and not have any comments or emails to consider. While this may seem like a fail, it’s not to a marketer. This will be one more piece of information I can put into the profile of who my readers are and what they’re interested in. Then again, it’s possible that my comments section and inbox will be so full of questions that I’ll struggle to get through them all. Either way, I’ll be thrilled with the results as I’ll be one step closer to understanding more about you and what you’re interested in.

As I mentioned in the beginning of this post, I love change. The change I’m proposing is that this blog become more like a small group than a church full of disconnected attendees (readers). While, I have no idea if this will actually work, ultimately, it’s up to you. Either way, I’m thrilled to that you’re here…all 75 of you.

I hope to hear from you soon.


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  • Antoinette Dakota

    Hi Kyle, love the idea and not sure if Im on the right track, and
    apologies if not (it’s close to bedtime here in Aus and my brain is
    laxing) but I wanted to ask if, in your opinion, a business is more
    successful when one uses their own name as their brand, or is a creative
    business name just as likely to be successful (or not) ? I am a photographer and
    using a ‘business’ name but starting to think I may have been better
    off to use my Christian name instead. If this a question on track with your ‘ask anything’ post, I’d appreciate your thoughts. warm regards Antoinette Dakota, Divinely You Photography

    • Kyle Chowning

      Hi Antoinette. A business isn’t more or less successful if you do or don’t use one name or another. What does make you successful is picking a name and only using that one. If you have multiple brands/names out in the marketplace, you will create brand confusion and people will be less likely to trust because they’re confused. Pick a name and run with it. And at least, make it the name easy to remember and spell. Names and URL’s that require a good bit of guesswork will also struggle to gain traction.

      • Antoinette Dakota

        thanks so much Kyle. I really appreciate your feedback, and how promptly. :)

  • Don McAllister

    Love this direction you’re taking here, and will likely follow your lead. My problem is nailing down one good idea and sticking to it. I tend to have that grass is always greener syndrome, and go off and chase shiny new ideas that might be better. How would you suggest a new entrepreneur find an idea that not only meets their passion but also the needs of real people? Thanks!

  • Matt Smith

    Kyle I like that you are given an open invitation. Right now I am facing the growing pains of increasing my freelance business to sustain my family as a full time endeavor in the near future. Im am working on some new skill sets (front end web development) and reading books on marketing, pricing, etc. I have a few clients/agencies that I work with producing continual work, but in order to leave my FT job I need to land bigger clients. What suggestions or resources could you point me to from working with small businesses to competing with agencies to pick up bigger projects? Also how to market myself to get out there more? Thanks.