Building Trust with “Friends”

Trust between friends, colleagues and leadership takes time to develop. There isn’t a formula. There isn’t a methodology to follow. In fact, according to best-selling author, Seth Godin, there isn’t anything you can do but consistently build on those relationships. Why? Relationships that are built-on, invested-in and sacrificed-for are rewarded with trust.

If you blog, post on a regular basis (every day, week, month…it doesn’t really matter).

If you Twitter, post an update.

If you’re on Facebook or, find and create “friends.”

If you’re on, network.

These are not social to-do lists, they are means, methods and tools for creating trust.

Reaching out in your moment of need is too late. Reach out and begin building your trusted relationships now. Then, when you’re in need, they’ll be there for you.

Reach. Build. Trust.

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  • Grant

    Very true. Great blog, Kyle.

  • Ben

    In some ways, with the advent of social networking platforms like Facebook, it's become increasingly difficult to maintain truly close friendships. With Facebook, people have seen a huge proliferation in the amount of acquaintances they've developed, but probably less abundant are the genuinely close friendships that have spawned. I suppose it's difficult for me to say, me being one of the few people left in the modern world who still doesn't have a Facebook or Twitter account :)