Diversifying & Simplifying your Communication

No matter how much you try to communicate to people, each of them are unique, so HOW you communicate matters as much or more than WHAT.

No one method of communication works 100% of the time. No matter your personal preference, the reality is, everybody has their own preference and oftentimes it won’t line up with yours.

So, if you’re a business owner, manager, spouse or parent, take note. The people you interact with on a daily basis are unique, which means HOW you communicate with them is unique too. No one method will reach everybody.

Diversify your methods, break down the details, and be overly obvious (to you), because to most others, it’s not that obvious.

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  • http://gauraw.com/ Kumar Gauraw

    Hi Kyle,The best way to simplify the communication I think is to ask when we are tempted to assume. Keeping an open mind, attentive listening and asking questions is the best way I found that works with me.

    A nice topic of discussion. Thank you for sharing.