We fight because it’s what we must do

1499470_10152097998497969_2102566388_nThis is my sister. Her name is Charysse.

This March will mark 10 years of fighting a brain tumor that’s, more than once tried to take her life. Through 4 brain surgeries, chemo, radiation, countless trips to doctors offices and an unknown amounts of natural remedies, she continues to fight, and fight hard.

To say that this process has been easy would be an understatement. She’s constantly tired, on a strict regimen of anti-seizure and other necessary drugs, deals with all sorts of chemo and radiation challenges, and the list could go on.

I tell her story today because we, as a family, are praising God for a good report. Today’s MRI scan reveals a bit of shrinkage and a whole lot of stabilization. Outside of “it’s gone,” it’s the best news we can ask for.

Some of you know my sister and her story, some are just discovering it today. For us all, may she be a picture of determination and persistence when our own lives challenge us to dig deep and not give up. We fight because it’s what we must do.

Some of you are fighting for a dream, a marriage, a relationship, a job, a break, or for life itself. Regardless, we will fight for what we want most, and we’ll never give up. That’s what my sister, and countless others, are doing everyday.

I hope you find a little more umph to fight for what you want today. It’s not easy, but it’s worth it!

So proud of you sis. You make me proud. Very proud!

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  • Sarah

    I’m happy for your sister’s improvement. May God bless and keep her.