It’s okay. I know it’s not perfect.

Monday’s are great aren’t they. It’s the beginning of a new week where we get a fresh start to embrace the new and betters that we set out for ourselves. Maybe it’s the goal to blog every day…to workout…eat better…watch less TV…the list could go on, and on. But let’s be real, rarely do we stick to the guns, right? I mean come on, this topic is so close to our own stories that I’m willing to bet that this post doesn’t get but one or two comments. Oh, and I’m going to start commenting more on other people’s blogs too.

Over the weekend I was catching up on some reading and I stumbled upon a recent post by Seth Godin called “Modern Procrastination.” It’s a great read and worth the 3 minutes it’ll take you to do so. However one sentence stood out that’s worth mentioning…

“Busy does not equal important. Measured doesn’t mean mattered.”

My buddy Jim Cowart had also written a post on a very similar topic called, “Try not to think about it” where he dives into the concept of what we put our minds to, gets our focus and energy; that can be success, accomplishments, education, procrastination, frustration, disappointment, failure…you name it.

What I realized is that those of us who are often hindered by what we can’t do and almost always overlook what strengths we do bring to the table. If we would set our sights on those things, then we would not only be able to imagine a different world, we would actually live in it.

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  • Jim Cowart

    Great post, Kyle. And yes, close to home. It would be nice if the struggle against procrastination and apathy was one that could be put to rest entirely, but it's definitely a daily (if not hourly) struggle….

    • Chownage

      I hear you there, but here's to overcoming!

  • Kristy

    The new design looks great babe! As far as procrastination, at least you recognize it and are trying.

    • Chownage

      Thanks my love. You inspire me everyday!

  • Rob Sperti

    One of my favorite quotes from Eugene Peterson is, "I can’t be busy and pray at the same time. I can be active and pray; I can work and pray; but I cannot be busy and pray." Sometimes I think we confuse busyness with importance (which is obviously what Godin is speaking to). There's so much meat to this truth. Thanks for the reminder and thanks for the depth of your writing. This is a powerful truth across so many disciplines.

    • Chownage

      What a great quote from Peterson. That guy's pretty smart.

      What's funny about all of this is that I wasn't too happy with the post, but it seems to have resonated. Thanks for the encouragement.

  • Gina G.

    Good stuff. And particularly close to home right now. These are the very issues I've been contemplating recently. How to train my mind to focus on the good, the beautiful, the hopeful, the positive, the strong, the one small thing I can do NOW to push me closer to my overall goals rather than focusing my mental energy on the frustrations, the things I don't have, everything I did wrong yesterday, etc… It is indeed a daily, and yes Jim, an hourly struggle!! Here's to staying on top one small choice at a time!

    • Chownage

      If I can do it, you can do it Gina!

  • Chownage

    I know people who don't embrace the life of procrastination at all. These are some of the people that I greatly admire…so I know it can be done!