Michael Hyatt’s Mentoring Group Reading List Released

Author, businessman and respected blogger, Michael Hyatt just posted the reading list for his 2012 mentoring group. Here’s the list:

I’ve only read one book on this list. Looks like I’ve got some reading ahead.
Also, Mike has a great heart and vision on mentoring men. Below he makes a great, but disheartening point:

I am contacted almost weekly by people who want to be mentored. If there’s one thing I have learned, it’s that young men and women are desperate for mentors who will build into their lives.

via Inside My Mentoring Group by Michael Hyatt.

I do wish that more men and women would value their own life experiences enough to share what they know and have learned with younger people. Maybe, I should consider the doing the same for those younger than me!?!

Do you have a mentor?

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