Bloggers are taking over

There’s no doubt that bloggers are becoming a force to be reckoned with. What I didn’t realize, until today, is how many of them write about brands, products and services on their blogs.

According to, on average, 38% of all types of bloggers (hobbyists, professional part-time, professional full-time, corporate, entrepreneur) blog about brands that they love or hate. Even more influential is that 68% of bloggers are influenced by what they read on other blogs.

Did you hear that?

68% of bloggers are influenced by the 38% of blog posts written about YOUR brand, service or product!

The obvious next question is, are you aware of what’s being said about you and your brand online?

Here’s a graphic that details more about blogs, bloggers and brand influences:

How Blogs Influence Purchases and Recommendations - eMarketer

The articles makes  a compelling case that bloggers should not be ignored. In fact, they should be courted. I think this offers a paradigm shift that is, and will be slow to adopt in today’s commerce.

As bloggers continue to grow in influence, their coverage of brands and their interactions with brands’ products, services and employees will be of greater interest to companies. Brand representatives who connect with bloggers must be sure to work with these writers to keep the relationships thriving.

via How Blogs Influence Purchases and Recommendations – eMarketer.

What do you think?

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