You really can do it

Be careful with the words you use to identify yourself. It makes the assumption that your perspective is true. Oftentimes, we're far more capable than we think, we just lack the confidence to believe so simply because our current behavior looks different than others. You could run a marathon in 6 months if you wanted, but I bet you’d think yourself not to be a “runner.” Commit to the training and you'd quickly prove yourself wrong. Before you know it, you won't just be a runner, but a … [Read more...]

We fight because it’s what we must do


This is my sister. Her name is Charysse. This March will mark 10 years of fighting a brain tumor that's, more than once tried to take her life. Through 4 brain surgeries, chemo, radiation, countless trips to doctors offices and an unknown amounts of natural remedies, she continues to fight, and fight hard. To say that this process has been easy would be an understatement. She's constantly tired, on a strict regimen of anti-seizure and other necessary drugs, deals with all sorts of chemo … [Read more...]

On leaving your job…

<rant> Apparently, it's not well known what the proper etiquette is for leaving a job. So, here's some advice on how not to leave your job: 1. Don't quit via text message...or by email. It's proper to meet with your manager/owner face-to-face. They have a lot of time and energy into you and your position and they will appreciate the respect of having the conversation in person. 2. Don't quit and give little to no notice. This is important. Giving proper notice (at least 2 weeks) … [Read more...]

Here’s to a new season


Yesterday, I spent the afternoon on a 500 acre farm, deep in the heart of Franklin, TN. These cabins are over 140 years old and are frozen in time, only slightly updated with electricity, but no running water. The outhouse about 30 feet away. Experiences like these make me think and dream of a time when life was very different then it is today. As I watched my 3 kids run and play in the fields, forever chasing Draper the black lab and climbing all over the rebuilt barn, I could only smile … [Read more...]

What are you choosing?


I admit, I watch the Walking Dead. It’s a guilty pleasure that I can’t quite explain, but tonight, I heard something that made me stop, rewind and write it down word for word. When faced with doing what’s right, regardless of the danger and the outcome, I only hope that I have the strength and resolve to follow my heart like this. There’s so many times that we haven’t be able to do anything that would change what was happening…what was happening to us. We wished we could, but we couldn’t. … [Read more...]

Do One Thing


You've been thinking about it too much. You've been talking about it too much. You've been dreaming about it too long. You've been hoping that someone will take notice for too long. You've been wishing that things were different far too long. You've been lusting after too many things that aren't yours. You've been coveting other people's gifts too long. You've been wanting success too long. You've been striving too hard. You've been lazy too long. You've been … [Read more...]

31 Things I’ve Learned in 31 Days of Writing


Just over a month ago, I challenged myself to write in this space for 31 days straight. This is my 31st post. I've learned a lot during this challenge, and I thought it would be fun to provide a list of... 31 Things I've Learned in 31 Days of Writing The "Why" your writing has to be crystal clear; otherwise you'll give it up soon after you start. Know what you're committing to before you do 31 days of anything - I had no idea how much time it would take to write every single … [Read more...]