Introducing Full Cycle Marketing


When it comes to marketing, it’s critical to remain flexible and adjust based on the known and unknown variables that can impact the successes of your plan. As marketers, we all know this, but the reality is when things happen, change can oftentimes be difficult to navigate. These changes are all part of “optimizing” your plan. Optimized is defined: “to write or rewrite so as to maximize efficiency…”  Most of you that are reading this post signed up for my email newsletter because you were … [Read more...]

3 Reasons why you need to test your website right now, and how

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Attention all business owners and marketers. If you think your website is good, even great, you may want to get a second, unbiased opinion. Today, thanks to the tip from my friend, Josh Shipp, I submitted the ROOTS Academy website for an unbiased review from the website Once submitted, they'll email you with a 5 minute review (mine was 6+) of your site by a real live person. Did I mention that it's free? Here's what I was sent within an hour: If you didn't … [Read more...]

Good things come to those who wait


Dear single guy/girl, I know. Looking and waiting for the right spouse is hard. The temptation to go out with a lot of guys/girls in hopes of finding the right one is high. Nobody likes to be lonely. Whatever path you decide to take, let me encourage you in this one thing: he/she is out there, you just have to wait for him/her. My wife and I dated for six weeks, were engaged for just over five and went from introductions to marriage in 10 months all because we waited for the right one … [Read more...]

You really can do it

Be careful with the words you use to identify yourself. It makes the assumption that your perspective is true. Oftentimes, we're far more capable than we think, we just lack the confidence to believe so simply because our current behavior looks different than others. You could run a marathon in 6 months if you wanted, but I bet you’d think yourself not to be a “runner.” Commit to the training and you'd quickly prove yourself wrong. Before you know it, you won't just be a runner, but a … [Read more...]

We fight because it’s what we must do


This is my sister. Her name is Charysse. This March will mark 10 years of fighting a brain tumor that's, more than once tried to take her life. Through 4 brain surgeries, chemo, radiation, countless trips to doctors offices and an unknown amounts of natural remedies, she continues to fight, and fight hard. To say that this process has been easy would be an understatement. She's constantly tired, on a strict regimen of anti-seizure and other necessary drugs, deals with all sorts of chemo … [Read more...]

On leaving your job…

<rant> Apparently, it's not well known what the proper etiquette is for leaving a job. So, here's some advice on how not to leave your job: 1. Don't quit via text message...or by email. It's proper to meet with your manager/owner face-to-face. They have a lot of time and energy into you and your position and they will appreciate the respect of having the conversation in person. 2. Don't quit and give little to no notice. This is important. Giving proper notice (at least 2 weeks) … [Read more...]