Less is more

We're trained to do. So we do. And do more. That's not enough, so do more. But at some point, doing more means actually doing less. Then, it's about doing less. And less. When you whittle more down to less, you can honestly assess what you  have and what you don't. Then, you're in a better place to add more, but just a little more. A "more" for me, is this blog. It got whittled, and now it's been added back. Just don't expect more, or less. Hi! It's good to see … [Read more...]

Bloggers are taking over

How Blogs Influence Purchases and Recommendations - eMarketer

There's no doubt that bloggers are becoming a force to be reckoned with. What I didn't realize, until today, is how many of them write about brands, products and services on their blogs. According to eMarketer.com, on average, 38% of all types of bloggers (hobbyists, professional part-time, professional full-time, corporate, entrepreneur) blog about brands that they love or hate. Even more influential is that 68% of bloggers are influenced by what they read on other blogs. Did you hear … [Read more...]

Why do you write?

Inspired by a recent post from one of my unintentional mentors, Michael Hyatt, I thought I'd write something personal and offer a peek into why I write in this space. Most papers I wrote in school were plagued with red marks and the reoccurring phrase: "awkward sentence." In fact, that statement was used so much that I have screenshots of the squiggly line with the words written above, etched into my memory. No matter how hard I've tried, they won't go away. Over the years, I've taken the … [Read more...]