Three Quick Steps to Eliminating To-do List Anxiety


Nothing can drain your enthusiasm faster than to start your workday overwhelmed by the mountain of to-do's that you have mentally logged. Because the majority of today's work is done in our minds, we often have a hard time knowing when things are done and what the next step is to completing the project. Sound familiar? If you're currently procrastinating and are looking for a way out of your to-do list anxiety, here are three quick steps to becoming more productive, today. Step #1: Do a mind … [Read more...]

Three Quick Steps to a Zero Inbox


Tired of wondering if you're missing something in your email inbox? Believe it or not, that feeling weighs on your subconscious more than you know. Rather than live with anxiety, let's process those emails and get you to a zero inbox. Yes, that's right, a zero inbox. Not one email will remain. Is it possible? Yes! In fact, it's possible to keep a zero inbox which means guilt, worry and stress-free email maintenance. Ready? Here are three quick steps to implementing a zero inbox: 1) Create … [Read more...]

A Deliberate Person

Lately, it seems that the days of my life are becoming more important. Not like an increase in MY importance, but an increase in accountability for my time. I find myself constantly asking if what I'm doing is the best use of my time. Perhaps this is why I've begun devouring books like Getting Things Done and The E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don't Work and What to Do About It. Although the content of both books seem to be unrelated, in essence, they are teaching me about being … [Read more...]