Why I don’t give honor to the pain in my life

Too often, we take life for granted. We believe that we’re invincible—that nothing can or will touch us. Nobody would admit it, but that’s what we believe.

Often times, when “life” hits, we hear people say, “I had no idea _________.” It’s then that the idea of an accident, cancer, seizures, death and even birth, solidifies and we embrace empathy. Our perspective allows us to understand what someone is going through and we reach out knowing exactly what it means to live life in their shoes.

For those of us who are going through these life circumstances, we have a choice to make: how will we respond?

If you’re looking to place blame in answer to the question of “why,” welcome to being a victim.

If you’re looking to the face of hope, you’ll find that “life” has no power over you. It’s fleeting.

Today, my dad is in the hospital fighting a blood infection, recovering from surgery on his neck and fighting to kill the cancer that invades his body. Moreover, my sister is fighting to kill a cancerous brain tumor that earnestly desires to overtake her, while living with the “life” that results from such an intrusion. Furthermore, one year ago, my mom was recovering from a life saving surgery on her neck.

I refuse to give honor to the “life” my family is fighting through and with. It doesn’t deserve the attention. We choose to be thankful for each other and the time we have today.

Nobody is guaranteed tomorrow.

Want to practice your emphathy? Randy Miller of the band, The Myriad, needs your help. Go here (YouTube.com) to learn how you can empathize with this family in deseperate need of a miracle.

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  • http://thetrontels.blogspot.com kelli :)

    wow. such a great reminder as we enter into this Thanksgiving weekend. this was definitely needed…thank you.

  • Evelyn

    It amazes me (it really shouldn’t because of promises) what a believer can and does go thru- “Life” can be hard. BUT with Thanksgiving we praise our LORD for sustaining strength and Grace. Thank you Kyle for well written reminder.