Why I don’t like LOST

I recently twittered…


Within minutes I was getting smack on Twitter about it. However, my Facebook profile was revealing a different story…


Here’s the deal. When I watch TV and movies, I’m not likely to recall names, back story or what people mean to the overall plot without a fair amount of mental effort and help from my uber smart wife. I just see it differently. I want to know… What is the topic of conversation? What is being communicated, nonverbally, in the conversation? Where was the story before, where is going afterward and how does all of this play into the big picture?

It’s safe to say, if a show introduces a lot of characters and plot lines, I’m out before the second episode. While I may watch it, I won’t be a fan. I’m just not that into it.

And so I remain LOST about LOST…and I’m okay with that.

For those of you who LOVE it so much, why? All the effort for what payoff?

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  • http://incrementalthought.com Jim Cowart

    Perhaps we enjoy it….

    I don’t think it’s that hard to keep up with from the standpoint of characters. The plot typically advances at a very slow pace – and a decent amount of time is spent in both “flashback” and “flashforward” scences (which just helps you round out your understanding of a particular character). The trade off with a slowly advancing plot line are the unexpected plot twists that make it very interesting.

  • http://ericwilbanks.blogspot.com Eric Wilbanks

    Only one word needed to summarize the fascination with LOST:


    This is a high-wire balancing act. Too little intrigue and the product becomes boring…predictable. Too much and it becomes out of reach because of the “effort” factor. Seems too much like work.

    For many, LOST manages to maintain the proper balance. That’s why I still watch.

  • Stephanie

    I’m with Jim – the writing for the show is amazing. I cannot imagine where they have come up with some of the plot twists. It’s like reading a really good novel. I definitely couldn’t watch many shows like this at the same time but LOST really is worth it to me!