Eight Things I Learned at Social Fresh Charlotte

Today, I joined a couple hundred of my new closest socmed Charlotte friends for an all day conference called Social Fresh. Established and ran by former Charlottean, Jason Keath, this six-session event was packed full of topics that ranged from community development to corporate social policy.

I really enjoyed the conference, mainly because it was small and intimate. I met a lot of new people like @jakrose, @yarby, @benjamingetz, @CaseyLBrewton, @MCDolphens, @GenevieveJooste, @Mysticle, @arsbars, @RichTucker, @waynesutton and many, many more. The size of this conference makes it one of the most approachable, memorable and fun conferences I’ve attended in a long time. If you get a chance to attend a Social Fresh event in the future, do yourself a favor and go.

As I mentioned, a lot was talked about during the event, but I walked away with eight key takeaways that I thought I would share with you.

  • Remember “You don’t need a social media strategy. You need a brand strategy that leverages social media.” —Chris Kirubi, Chairman of Coca Cola Nairobi
  • You/me, we need to be paying much more attention to #LinkedIn
  • Being there before the sale is marketing…at the sale is sales…after the sale is service. —@gregcangialosi
  • Social media is a beast. The beast must be fed and it’s food is content. —@gregcangialosi (One of my favorite quotes of the day)
  • Communicate internal social media policies frequently. Make it precise, efficient & frequent —@DavidBThomas
  • Marketing in the socmed space requires more people than you think. —@bwdumars
  • Quality, (story and creative) is more important with web video because it stands alone and has to be good enough to get noticed.
    and finally…
  • Seriously, bacon gum balls are the best thing I never want to eat again. Thanks @masstransmit

To top it off, here are some new online resources that I found out about today:

  • glassdoor.com —an inside look at what companies are paying their employees
  • socialmediagovernance.com —A fantastic source for guiding social media use within your company
  • Radian6.com – listen, measure and engage with your customers across the entire social web

Did you go to Social Fresh or have you been to a social media conference lately? If so, what was one thing you learned? Leave you thoughts in the comments below.

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  • Jason

    One thing I distinctively remember came from Amber Naslund in her keynote. She made the statement that "the companies that survive have an apetite for experimentation." I love that. The companies that are willing to take great risks always seem to be the one's ahead of everyone else. That appetite for experimentation keeps the business hungry for more, never satisfied with status quo. Get reward from one risk, your quickly after the next. Guess it kind of like a gambling addiction, but for business!

    • http://www.kylechowning.com Kyle Chowning

      I love that. I remember in college, my entrepreneur book said "those who take the most risk, get the most reward." It looks like that applies to pretty much everything.

  • http://annieblogs.com/ AnnieBlogs

    Thanks for these, Kyle. Love it.

    • http://www.kylechowning.com Kyle Chowning

      I gotcha back AnnieBlogs.

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  • http://twitter.com/brandonuttley @brandonuttley

    Kyle, thanks for your insights from Social Fresh.

    I had a similar takeaway regarding LinkedIn, although it was caused when several panelists actually starting dissing it. For me, LinkedIn, while not as "sexy" as a lot of sites, is extremely powerful for making real connections that actually lead to business.

    I also got a kick out of Greg Cangialosi of Blue Sky Factory's comment, "You need to get beyond the Kumbiya Effect of social media." Indeed….that is now so 2008-09. He had real numbers to prove social media's value to his business, which is now 22% of sales and growing.

    • http://www.kylechowning.com Kyle Chowning

      I have to admit, I'm still struggling with LinkedIn. What does it really do if you're already employed and not in sales?

  • http://www.radian6.com Katie Morse

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts about Social Fresh. I’m happy to see you discovered Radian6 there, too! I’ve been consisitently impressed by the quality of the SoFresh events and this one was no exception – the speakers, as you highlighted above, were nothing short of STELLAR in regards to content quality.



    Community Manager | Radian6


    • http://www.kylechowning.com Kyle Chowning

      I'd love to know more about Radian6. Email me at kyle.chowning@halogentv.com when you can.

      Thanks Katie!

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