Five Steps to Collecting & Using Business Cards Effectively


Stacked in my drawer are dozens, if not hundreds of business cards that I've collected over the years. Perhaps you have the same quandry as I do: what do I do with all of those cards? If you're like me, you don't dare throw them away. After all, you might need one of them some day. But, the problem is, most likely, you don't have a clue when and where you met those people. All you know is that somehow, you have their card. Good, but not helpful. Jeff Pulver, co-founder of the Vonage … [Read more...]

Eight Things I Learned at Social Fresh Charlotte


Today, I joined a couple hundred of my new closest socmed Charlotte friends for an all day conference called Social Fresh. Established and ran by former Charlottean, Jason Keath, this six-session event was packed full of topics that ranged from community development to corporate social policy. I really enjoyed the conference, mainly because it was small and intimate. I met a lot of new people like @jakrose, @yarby, @benjamingetz, @CaseyLBrewton, @MCDolphens, @GenevieveJooste, @Mysticle, … [Read more...]

Chipotle is coming to Nashville


If you're a Twitterwonderer, wonder no more. Friday, I thought... Before I know it, another fellow Chipotle lover (@nashvillest) replies to my Tweet... Petition? How about they join my Facebook group for this very cause? In three days, the group has doubled in size... BUT... Soon after all the Twitter-chatter, a lone voice enters the Facebook conversation. It's him. THE guy who makes the Chipotle location decisions. He informs the group that CHIPOTLE IS COMING TO … [Read more...]

Are you a proactive or reactive social networker?

I've had plenty of conversations with people over the years about social networking (blogging, Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, LinkedIn etc). Based on those conversations, I find that there are many types of social network users, but for now, we're going to concentrate on two: reactive and proactive. Reactive social networkers experience life and then post about it. It becomes your next blog post, your next Twitter, a picture posted on Flickr or your next status update on Facebook. Simply stated, … [Read more...]

Unintentional Mentors


Over the past few months I have become more deliberate in how I utilize social networking because I began to realize that there was something more to it than gaining "friends" and "followers." If you look at it from a different perspective, you'll start to notice that these networks can become one of the best tools the web has to offer. In fact, for me, social networking has become an invaluable set of tools; each serving a very specific purpose. For example: My Blog [ subscribe ] - I … [Read more...]