How to change Twitter Usernames without losing Followers

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I recently decided to change Twitter usernames from "chownage" to "kylechowning." As to why, my main motivation is because people will know me before they'll know chownage. Moreover, there are SEO (search engine optimization) benefits and overall, it just makes it easier for people to recall and reference. After making the change, I got a few questions asking me how I did it and if there were any negative ramifications from doing so. The short answer is, it was easy and there weren't any … [Read more...]

5 Keys to Building Forever-Followers—Chris Brogan Style


Yesterday, I had the spontaneous opportunity to attend the Author's Way event and see social media "typist" Chris Brogan (@chrisbrogan) talk about his perspective and approach on all things social media. He also dived into the heart of his new book, Trust Agents: Using the Web to Build Influence, Improve Reputation, and Earn Trust (Amazon link). A lot was said over the course of four hours and I took about six pages of notes. However, there were five things that I walked away with that have … [Read more...]

Quit Being Stingy & Give Your Ideas Away


The nine students who are a part of Seth Godin's Alternative MBA Program, were tasked with coming up with 111 business ideas each. Fortunately for us, they posted them for all to pluck from. I love to think of new things: business ideas, process improvements, enhancement to products and services, pretty much anything is up for ideation. This list puts things into perspective for me. Ideas really are cheap. In fact, they're being given away. So, the true power of an idea must be in it's … [Read more...]

Why I don’t like LOST


I recently twittered... Within minutes I was getting smack on Twitter about it. However, my Facebook profile was revealing a different story... Here's the deal. When I watch TV and movies, I'm not likely to recall names, back story or what people mean to the overall plot without a fair amount of mental effort and help from my uber smart wife. I just see it differently. I want to know... What is the topic of conversation? What is being communicated, nonverbally, in the conversation? Where … [Read more...]

The Social Networking Golden Rule


"Do unto others, as you would have them do to you." It's not new, but the golden rule still applies in social media. For example... Want to build traffic on your blog? If you search, find, read and comment on other peoples blogs, there's a good chance that your consistent efforts will be rewarded with increased traffic and commenting. Unless you are visible to the public eye, the owner/founder of some cool company or a person people generally see as influential, the only way to increase … [Read more...]

Chipotle is coming to Nashville


If you're a Twitterwonderer, wonder no more. Friday, I thought... Before I know it, another fellow Chipotle lover (@nashvillest) replies to my Tweet... Petition? How about they join my Facebook group for this very cause? In three days, the group has doubled in size... BUT... Soon after all the Twitter-chatter, a lone voice enters the Facebook conversation. It's him. THE guy who makes the Chipotle location decisions. He informs the group that CHIPOTLE IS COMING TO … [Read more...]

Are you a proactive or reactive social networker?

I've had plenty of conversations with people over the years about social networking (blogging, Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, LinkedIn etc). Based on those conversations, I find that there are many types of social network users, but for now, we're going to concentrate on two: reactive and proactive. Reactive social networkers experience life and then post about it. It becomes your next blog post, your next Twitter, a picture posted on Flickr or your next status update on Facebook. Simply stated, … [Read more...]